To dive in France there are many possibilities, the most beautiful dive sites of the European continent are on the long French coast of more than 5400 km that offers many disparities with sandy shores, swamps, and marshes, but also rocky coasts. Diving amongst the clarity of the Mediterranean, in the numerous historical and recent shipwrecks, caves, walls or even under the ice is an amazing experience. So, finding a dive site in France is quite easy, but let’s see together where the best dive spots in France are.

Lake of Tignes, Immersion Under the Ice – Savoy

Live this fabulous experience! Who hasn’t dreamed of sinking their face into the ice to see the wonderful spectacle of the light that passes through it? Good news, diving under ice is an activity that is growing fast, especially on Lake Tignes. Several diving centers in France opened at the pier of the lake to allow to more adventurous divers to live this unique experience.

Of course, diving under the ice requires the right equipment. With the cold of the water, you can’t wear a wetsuit or a little mask, your body will freeze in less than 2 minutes. This is a great opportunity to learn to dive with a dry suit, that presents different buoyancy challenges. Once equipped, you slide into a hole cut in the ice to discover this particular universe. From there, all is left is to see the magic happens…

The Mecca of Cave Diving – Lot and Garona

For those who love cave diving, it’s possible to find in France several diving centers specialized in this activity, there are many options to choose in the New Aquitaine region including Dordogne, Lot, and Garonne in the south-west of France. The water in the limestone caves is crystal clear, providing ideal visibility for diving. It’s important to find a good diving center and an experienced dive master because the difficulty of the caves can be different as you dive inside the tunnels, in the adjustment steps, in the narrow walls and if there is sediment in the bottom.

The Lavezzi Islands – South Corcega

This archipelago of islands and granite reef is located in the south extreme of France about 10 kilometers southeast of Bonifacio. This archipelago is particularly hard to access due to the many sunken reefs in the area, but also because of the strong currents that run through the Strait of Bonifacio. However, diving in the area isn’t impossible, dive masters prefer to arrive here in the morning when the turquoise sea is calm and clear. Under the water, the rocks overlap in a fascinating dance where it’s possible to observe how the groups of brown groupers swim.

Relive the History of The Landing – Normandy

Another great destination for diving in France in Normandy. In its dark and cold waters, hundreds of historical shipwrecks rest, mostly from the famous landing of the allies during the Second World War. Other dive spots are the result of shipwrecks in the rocks of the region. The D-Day Museum Museum in Port Bessin offers lovers of the war history of the last century a great resource to document.

The most famous shipwrecks are the Empire Broadsword, the USS Meredith III, the Fort Norfolk and the Courbet due to its excellent state of conservation, the marine life is rich in this place, but the main attraction is the opportunity to enter in the bowels of this sunken pieces of history. You’ll find all the marine fauna of the channel of La Mancha such as lobsters, sea spiders, conger eels, and sea bass.

It’s good to keep in mind that most of the locations are accessible to limited experienced divers. With an average depth of 12 to 25 meters apt for everyone, many diving clubs in France offers dive trips of all the best places in Normandy.

By Clay